Maddison watch
Watch By Maddison (Genesis Collection)

Maddison watches are designed with extensive care, that’s why, we never compromise with our components’ quality.  Our watchmakers create designs with great precision by using the best equipment to create durable and exquisite watches. And, we genuinely believe that our customers are entitled to know everything about our quality components – having utmost importance in making Maddison watches of true high quality. So, here is the list.


Our cases/case back and bezels are made of 316 L stainless steel. Once cases are formed, they are machined with high precision equipment and finished by hand. We then use a PVD process, to coat steel parts rose gold or black. And, this coating is highly resistant to normal wear and tear. So, we have the best solution for you, if you’re looking for good cases and bezels!


Maddison watches are equipped with Swiss ronda 5040D gold-plated analog quartz(battery) driven movements. The movement includes a power saving pull out stem mechanism which increases the already very long battery life even more. Swiss movements are more aesthetically designed than Japanese Miyota movements, which come in lesser grades. That’s what makes Swiss movements more reliable and that’s exactly why we provide our customers with the best thing.


Our watch front crystal is composed of flat finish sapphire glass, with an anti-reflection coating. We strictly don’t use mineral glass, as it isn’t quite as strong as sapphire glass. Sapphire crystal usually used in luxury watches, is by far the strongest (highly resistant to breakage/scratches) and most durable one. Woaah! you’re being saved from all the tensions of breaking your watch glass, right?


Our hands are customized “Copper Cut” . And, our dials are made of lightweight carbon fiber with a matte finish. Maddison watches are chronograph watches, which typically has 3 dials to register the time elapsed – a second dial (sub-second dial), a minute dial and an hour dial. Isn’t it amazing to know?


Talking about the bands that we use, are either 22mm Genuine leather band or 22mm plated stainless steel band. Both types are strong and durable. And, you don’t have to stick to one type. You can always look out for our another best option.


About battery, we use a very reliable battery in our watches that has an average life of 54 months!! Good to go.

Be your own stylist, with Maddison!


Writer: Nidhi Sharma

Watches have transitioned to be more about fashion than for telling time.

Gone is the time when people wore watches, to keep up with the time. But in this century, people wear watches – “like they own the time”. And, they totally support this expression by following the trending fashionable watches in the market.

A Status symbol

Time is changing, so is the taste of people towards fashion. What seems outdated now, could have been in the trending list in the past. Woaah! It is a never-ending cycle of fashion and technology.
There is no doubt that wealthy people who own luxury cars, expensive houses and wear fashionable clothes, wear watches as a badge of affluence and success. Adding to it, Maddison watches are well known for their luxurious looks, yet simple and of truly high quality. These watches not only give high-end fashionable looks but they do hold their value fairly well.

Many celebrities are often seen wearing fashionable watches, which goes with their clothes, bags and other accessories, as a status quo.

Today’s generation is insanely after fashion brands and they say, they like to wear the stature of their favorite fashion brands on their wrist. And, they intend to show that they truly follow latest brands in the market.

Technology hails!

With the rise of modern technology and – in the era of the expensive watches – watches are being worn as an indispensable fashion accessory. And, that’s what Maddison watches stand for – technology & fashion. A mixture of classic designs and modernity, these watches are not going out of fashion any time soon. And, if you’re really looking for a statement piece that not only tells the time but signal a purpose and expresses your personality then what could be better than trying Maddison watches on your own and experience their fashionable aura?

Watch By Maddison
Watch By Maddison

A quarter of people say they like to wear watches as a fashion accessory, not for telling the time. For them, it is the job of their “smartphones”. The tradition of wearing watches or we can say – the traditional watches, have been out of trend because the job has been designated to smartphones, which not only tells the time but are a great source of entertainment, socializing and definitely, a tool which comes handy for working easily. But as the saying goes – boys look for their smartphones to tell the time – men look at their watches.

Reckoning with History

Also, history has shown us that even before the 20th century, women used to wear watches more as a fashion accessory like a bracelet, than to show any punctuality with time.It is with time and developing a style, new types of watches evolved, and,  are being worn by men also.

The range of accessories, a man wears, is indeed not a long list. What they are left to carry, is a set of 3 things – a good looking watch, a pair of nice cufflinks and a wedding ring, if they’re married.

Stylish watches are a form of self-expression for most of the men now. Sports watch insinuates a sporty person, luxury watch is a hint of wealth and there is a growing list of such different types of fashionable watches. Maddison provides stylish and modern men’s watches, exclusively from their brand new Genesis collection. There are plenty of fashion-conscious women also. So, what are you waiting for?

Stay in style with Maddison!


Writer: Nidhi Sharma